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Anthony Rosales a is Master Instructor of Martial Arts and Owner Operator of two instructional academies for over 30 years. His professional background includes a variety of disciplines in Karate as an 9th Degree Kajukenbo Black Belt. As a Master Instructor, Anthony is well respected and is known by many as GRANDMASTER Rosales. GM Rosales was awarded five-time Grand Champion in the State of New Mexico and held title for Arizona’s Kickboxing Champion in the 1980’s. In his professional career he was also certificated as an Official for title boxing and mixed martial arts fights on behalf of World Kickboxing Association. GM Rosales has been nationally awarded and holds a reputable affiliation with the World Boxing Association, USA Boxing, International Kickboxing Federation, Mixed Martial Arts Title Fighting, World Boxing Council and with World Extreme Fighting.

GM Rosales is a 35-year veteran Law Enforcement Officer and Defensive Tactic Instructor. He has provided educational training courses for the State of New Mexico Corrections Academy. He has also instructed several Self-Defense classes and Self-Awareness seminars to students, faculty and staff at the University of New Mexico Continuing Education and local community sites for the City of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County Parks & Recreation departments. Building stronger and safe communities, one community at a time!

Currently, GM Rosales continues to lead a combination of traditional and conventional method karate classes. He is a proud professional trainer to many local successful athletes for amateur and professional title fights at national and international level. He continues to teach his students the important principles on how to adapt to modern day encounters, while still preserving the structure of self-discipline and time-honored traditions of the martial arts.

In summary, Grandmaster Rosales is proud to share his life accomplishments.
"I am blessed and very appreciative of my patron customers. And I welcome you to come join … It’s a great place to be!"


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